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My name is Michelle Arundale and I am the owner and cake designer at The Berries Bakery in Guernsey. I have been making cakes since I was a little girl and my passion for baking grew into a business after I started to create bespoke cakes for very special occasions for family and friends. Flattering comments from other people encouraged me to form The Berries Bakery in October 2011.

As I bake my cakes from home it seemed only fitting to use my house name 'The Berries' for the business name and we added 'Bakery' in the hope that one day I will have my own little cake shop!

I believe my passion for food was inherited from my Grannie, Majorie Arundale. She was a fantastic cook who wrote a weekly cookery column for the Manchester Evening News for 40 years under the pseudonym 'Henri The Chef'.  My Grannie was also an amazing artist and created all the drawings to accompany her recipes and a book of her most popular recipes was published in 1967 as seen below:


The Berries Bakery Cakes Guernsey



Since 2011 The Berries Bakery has been missing a logo and a brand image but I have always known in my heart that I wanted to use one of my Grannie’s drawings as the logo for my business as a tribute to her. So I set about contacting the Manchester Evening News to obtain approval. In May 2013 I received copyright approval to use all of my late Grannie’s drawings of 'Henri The Chef' and teamed up with Anni Bisson from AB Design to bring “Henri” back to life!


So all the drawings you see scattered around this website are illustrations from the recipe book she created and published almost 50 years ago.


Looking for a unique cake for a special event, or for a cake to wow your family and friends, that tastes as good as it looks - then please contact me:-

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